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Outdoor power energy supply station--Dian Xiaoer, solves the hidden dangers of outdoor electricity
At present, more and more people are going out for trip. Outdoor activities has gradually become a way of life. It is no longer out of reach, but has become everyone's entertainment needs. In outdoor activities, whether it is outdoor drones, projections or self-driving camping, everyone's need for outdoor high-power and large-capacity is becoming more and more urgent.
Development partner with ISPO 2019, Dian Xiaoer Outdoor Power Station leads the new trend of outdoor activities
The 15th Asian Sporting Goods and Fashion Exhibition (ISPO) in Beijing 2019 was held at the China International Exhibition Center. As a professional brand of outdoor power station, Dian Xiaoer was also invited to participate in the 2019 ISPO exhibition.
"Davos" Lithium-ion : a new opportunity for Dian Xiaoer in the era of excess power batteries
The new energy battery industry is accelerating the upgrade, and the annual global battery industry event-Chinese (Qingdao) International Summit Forum on Lithium Battery and New Energy Industry (ABEC | Lithium "Davos") also ushered in the 6th