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We will provide customized, comprehensive, and multi-angle training plans based on different career development path plans for employees, and implement them in all levels of the company's system, daily operations, and resource protection.
Welfare Benefits
Salary Incentives
In addition to the fixed salary, the company also has performance wages and project bonuses for some positions. Basically, there are year-end bonuses at the end of the year when the business performance reaches the standard. In the long run, we will have equity for management personnel and some core employees with excellent performance. The second batch of personnel allotment was completed last year. We will have another salary adjustment opportunity in July every year. Salary adjustment is not a general adjustment. It must be determined based on personal performance. The rate adjustment is also determined by personal contribution.
The Welfare
Five social insurance and one housing fund
Endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing fund will be paid for you.
periodic physical examination
periodic occupational health examination
paid annual leave
We provide paid annual leave for employees
Company party travel
we will organize travel activities for employees
Snacks and afternoon tea
afternoon tea such as snacks, drink, fruits will be provided for our employees
Holiday benefits
we offer gifts to employees when Statutory or special holidays
The annual bonus
Give annual bonus to employees at the end of the year for recognition to the performance of the past year
weekends rest
workday is from Monday to Friday, and the weekends will be rest days
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