Green Energy , Portable Power Station
Environment Protection.Energy Conservation. Pollution Reducing .Sustained Development
Hello Tech Public Benefit
Global COVID-19 Defeating, Act together
At the end of 2019, after the outbreak of the covid-19 in Wuhan, Hello Tech Group organized the donation of our products to the people of Wuhan in the Spring Festival of 2020 and follow the rules of Dian Xiaoer outdoor portable power station solve the power shortage problem for the people of Wuhan and escort the fight against the virus.
Targeted poverty relief, Joint Assistance
In June 2020, the West Kowloon Border Inspection Station and Shenzhen Hello Tech New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. jointly helped Liangchong Village, Tongle Miao Township, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and did our best to help build a solar emergency energy storage system. Frequent power outages plagued villages and schools, and helped the development of compulsory education.