Official announcement | DX Power Brand Recommendation Officer Travel Couple Zhang Xinyu & Lianghong

They are the most legendary global explorers in China

They are 《Couple Travel》· Founder

They have footprints in nearly 200 countries

hey have traveled to the most difficult places in the world

Watched the sunrise in Amazon, watched the sunset in Uruguay

Watched the great migration of animals in East Africa and got married in the polar regions

They turn travel into life

Zhang Xinyu & Lianghong

DX power recommendation Official



Whether it’s sailing on the sea or crossing the desert

Fly to heaven, enter the sea, explore all the way

They will do the best preparation

Bring the safest equipment to ensure travel safety

DX power outdoor power

Has always been their first choice for safe outdoor electricity use



Safety, Portable, Green

The world is so big, let us follow the couple to travel

Bring DX power outdoor power

Go outdoors and explore more possibilities