Official announcement | DX Power Brand Recommendation Officer Travel Couple Zhang Xinyu & Lianghong
They are the most legendary global explorers in China They are 《Couple Travel》· Founder They have footprints in nearly 200 countries
To fight against Covid-19, DX Power is in action
It seems that in an instant, the world we are familiar with has changed, joy is isolated on the arrival of New Year’s eve, the happy reunion was sealed overnight. The sudden epidemic is the prelude to the abrupt end of the Spring Festival and affects the hearts of 1.4 billion people!
Outdoor Power Supply Station--Dian Xiaoer portable power station solve the problem of power shortage in outdoor
At present, more and more people go out for outdoor activities, and has gradually become a way of life and leisure entertainment. Therefore, the demand for portable power station with large capacity is getting stronger and stronger, whether used in outdoor UAV, outdoor projection or self-drive camping.
As a development partner with ISPO 2019, Dian Xiaoer Outdoor Power Station leads the new trend of outdoor activities.
In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption and the continuous improvement of public sports and fitness awareness, more and more people take pleasure in outdoor sporting. Meanwhile, people's consuming attitudes of sport and leisure are changing quickly and would like many innovative outdoor sport products.
Lithium-ion “Davos”: The New Chance for Dian Xiaoer in the Era of Battery Power Excess
With the constantly deepening of Economic Reform and open up, Chinese Auto Industry is getting better and better, and the new energy battery industry is accelerating. The annual global battery industry event—China (Qingdao) International Summit Forum on Lithium Battery and New Energy Industry (ABEC | Lithium "Davos") is also Ushered in the 6th edition. On November 21-23, ABEC 2018 Forum will be held at the Star Island Convention Center in Qingdao West Coast New District, China.
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