Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy Statement

Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,ltd . (“Hello Tech”) considers that 1> The conduct of commercial corruption affects fair competition in the market, and has serious damage to the society, economy and the development of the enterprise itself; 2>Bribery and corruption has detrimental impact in business by undermining governance and distorting free markets, which brings serious damage to the society, economy and the development of the enterprise itself.

It is Hello Tech's policy to conduct all of its business in an honest and ethical manner, and comply with the laws, rules and regulations applicable in the location in which Hello Tech is performing business activities. Hello Tech takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption! Uphold ethical conduct in the course of business operations, Hello Tech will not attempt to influence others improperly by paying or offering bribes in any form, whether direct or indirect .

Hello Tech takes active and effective measures, and establishes relevant management systems to prevent commercial corruption. Any of Hello Tech’s employees, associated persons or entities are forbidden to take part in corruption to obtain business opportunity by bribing public officials or other entities and individuals in any direct or indirect way. If suppliers, agents, consultants and other business partners ( "partners") make actions to employees of Hello tech with above commercial corruption, the employees must refuse and report to the company.

When launching business cooperation with partners, Hello Tech requires the partners to also comply with this “Statement” and restrict their behavior according to the terms of the agreement and corresponding monitoring procedures.

This “Statement” applies to Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,ltd. and its holding subsidiaries and branches management directly or in directly.

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